Friday, June 22, 2012

Apache Ant - Java-Based Build Tool


                  Apache Ant is a powerful Java-based build tool which automates the building process of a project. Mainly Ant is used to build Java applications. But It supports many program application like C, C++, Python etc. Ant can be used to many purposes. If we want to get the results of several programs which is written and executed in different languages we can use ant to do that.
                 We can configure Ant project by using "build.xml". "build.xml" is normal xml file. There we can define all the tasks, properties and variable which are used in the build process. Ant has lost of free defined tasks. Also We can define our own task.
                  After preparing the build.xml file we can simply execute "ant" command in command prompt of terminal. Then it builds the project.
                  Ant support both Windows and Linux platforms. You cant download the binary distribution of Ant form here. For more information you can refer the Apache Ant Project Site.
I hope to bring you series of post about Apache Ant.

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