Thursday, January 28, 2016

Find Eclipse IDE Information - Eclipse Plugin Development

This simple Eclipse plugin program shows you how to retrieve following information regarding the Eclipse IDE.
  • IDE name
  • IDE version (.., Kepler, Luna, Mars,..etc with version number) 
  • Plugin version
  • Platform user name

You can test the program by running it your RCP environment. When you ran it, click on the LakJ Comspace icon in the tool bar of Eclipse sandbox window. Then you will see the information.
Following is the java code related to the program. You can download the complete project from the github links given at the end of the tutorial.

Here the does the information retrieving. Rest of the two classes (Activator and InfoAction) help the program to behave as a Eclipse plugin.

Following are the GitHub URL's for complete plugin project. You can clone the project or downolad the project as a zip file. To run the project open an Eclipse RCP environment and import the project as a maven project.

GitHub repository URL -
GitHub HTTPS clone URL -
Download Project as a Zip -