Sunday, January 25, 2015

IntelliJ Plugin Development Tutorial - Project View Popup Menu Action Item

This simple tutorial shows you how to create an Action Item in the Project View Popup Menu.
When  you right click on the project view you will have this action item in the popup menu. You can extend or use this to execute any action.

 Following are the two files you should work with.

Following are the GitHub URL's for complete plugin project. You can clone the project or downolad the project as a zip file. To run the project open IntelliJ IDEA and import the project.

GitHub repository URL -
GitHub HTTPS clone URL -
Download Project as a Zip -

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Android Client-Server Chat Application

This is a simple Android chat application which communicate with a Java server program. This tutorial will help you to understand socket programming in Android which sends information both ways.
To run this application, first execute the server program. You can run this application in your PC.

Then execute the client program. You can use your Android emulator or your Android device. If you are using Android emulator you can use IP address to connect your sever which is running in the same computer. But if you are using an Android device you may have to change the IP address in the client app code according to your network configuration.
Once you execute the client app, the chat window will be opened in the server program. Type the message on the chat box and press "Send" button. The message will be appeared in the other end.

Android Chat App
Server Program


Following are the source codes of the main components of both programs.

Android Chat Application

Server Program

Following are the both Android client and Java server complete projects. You can clone or download them as zips from Git-Hub.

Git-Hub HTTPS clone URL:
Git-Hub Repository URL:
Download as a Zip:

You can run the projects by importing them to the IDE. Or just create you own project and copy and paste above source files.